One Goal
Endless Approaches


Fairness, transparency, respect, and alignment. Our values have stood the test of time and guide all our investment decisions. 


Backed by private capital, we have unparalleled flexibility, enabling us to weather market turbulence and align with long-term management objectives.


Driven by genuine concern for the wellbeing of our portfolio companies and other long-term partners, we strive for authenticity in all our relationships. The quality of our partnerships is at the center of everything we do.

Welcome To Curve Capital

We are a diverse group of business owners and investors who acquire, operate and grow businesses in the small to middle market. With substantial investment and operational experience, Curve Capital provides both capital and management to ensure the continued success of the businesses.

Strategic Acquisition Leadership

We leverage our decades of M&A and origination expertise to drive buy-and-build strategies. We help codify each business’s inorganic growth strategy, identify and prioritize targets, and then work to implement a programmatic, process-driven approach to pursuing, acquiring and integrating complementary businesses. Ultimately, our aim is to institutionalize the M&A process in each business, creating a foundation to drive value well into the future.

Capital Markets Knowledge

The businesses in which we invest commonly haven’t considered all their financing alternatives. We help each business optimize its capital structure, finding a balance between the right amount of risk and flexibility needed for growth. At each stage of the investment, we ensure that our financing partners also view our portfolio companies as true business partners. Facilitating access to capital markets to drive the best terms and conditions possible is just one way we can help.

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